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Our catalog of technical plastic injection parts obtained by plastic injection

Plastem, it is a wide range of protectors, plastic caps and accessories made by the process of plastic injection (or injection molding)
This rigorous industrial process is the only one who can ensure both strict compliance with the dimensions, tightness and solidity of technical parts produced in mass production. With our long experience in this field, we are accustomed to the use of the most common plastics used in the protectors and caps manufacturing for industry.
Our product catalog is designed to cover all the common needs of industry. You should therefore have no trouble finding the references of plastic plugs and finishing end caps that match your applications.
However, if you have more specific requests that you want to share, we put our know-how and expertise at your service to help you find the best solution. Feel free to contact us and let us find a solution to your needs.

For 60 years serving professionals


Our exceptional longevity in the field of plastic injection alone demonstrates the unwavering confidence of our partners in the agribusiness, automotive and plumbing / piping / valves sector. Our multiple references of plastic protectors (protective and finishing caps and plugs, shutters) and our other plastic parts (bumper pads, sliders, screws, clamps) are able to meet the specific needs of each sector.