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Secured Payment with UP2PAY from Credit Agricole

 UP2PAY from Credit Agricole


UP2PAY from Credit Agricole is a leading international Payment Service Provider. More than 60,000 businesses in over 70 countries worldwide trust UP2PAY to manage, secure and collect their online and mobile payments, help prevent fraud and drive their business. UP2PAY from Credit Agricole’s scalable solution allows their customers to increase their checkout conversion and help them enhance sales, both domestic and cross-border.

UP2PAY from Credit Agricole is committed to providing new payment solutions as consumers adopt them. It is connected through certified links with more than 200 different banks and acquirers and so is able to provide over 80 international, local and alternative payment methods in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the United States and the Middle East.

UP2PAY from Credit Agricole holds a certified European e-money license, offering ‘plug and play’ virtual wallets to their merchants without them having to open foreign accounts and sign contracts with third-parties.

UP2PAY is part of the Credit Agricole Group, a world leader in payment solutions offering all aspects of payment processing at the point of sale, both online and offline. UP2PAY from Credit Agricole is headquartered in France and has regional offices in all other the world.