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Tamper evident security seal

Tamper evident security seal | Frame These cable ties allow the tail to pass through twice, creating two loops. This figure of eight assembly allows either double bundling of cables, or to be attached to a fixed position.

Material : PA
Colour : Natural, red according to reference
Dimensions : mm

Our pull tight seals with smooth straps provide an indicative seal to reveal evidence of tampering or breach in a variety of applications.

These tamper evident security seals feature straps which are easy to apply and tighten to the desired diameter. A wide range of tensile strengths and tear-off options makes them ideal for a variety of applications.

We are able to hotfoil or laser marked the tag.

Reference Details Sold by Price tax excl Details
LIENPL2.5X200T3 Seals 2,5x200 + identification label 9x20 mm Type T3 PA Natural Prix/pce - Price/pce 0.1895 Details
LIENPL2.5X200T4 Seals 2,5x200 + identification label 15x30 mm Type T4 PA Natural Prix/pce - Price/pce 0.1076 Details
LIENPL4.8X190T1 Seals 4,8x190 + identification label 13x28 mm Type T1 PA Natural Prix/pce - Price/pce 0.0938 Details
LIENPL4.8X300T2 Seals 4,8x300 + identification label 13x55 mm Type T2 PA Natural Prix/pce - Price/pce 0.2743 Details
LIENPL4.8X370T2 Seals 4,8x370 + identification label 13x55 mm Type T2 PA Natural Prix/pce - Price/pce 0.2942 Details
LIENPL7.5X275T5R Seals 7,5x275 + identification label 83x51 mm Type T5 - PA Red Prix/pce - Price/pce 0.4533 Details