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Banjo Union Cap

Banjo Union Cap | Frame AR is a protection caps with pull-off ear

Material: LDPE
Colour : Yellow - Other colour on request
Dimensions : mm
Standard : DIN 7462 B/E

Banjo Union Cap is designed to protect banjo bolt fittings by clicking securely into place according to the standard DIN 7462 B/E. The stiffness of the caps makes it easy application and removal.

ReferenceDetailsSold byPrice tax exclDetails
BA11.8X20H25Banjo Union Cap for pipe OD 8 ID 11,8x20 Ht. 25 mm - YellowPrix/pce - Price/pce0.0700Details
BA13.8X24H29Banjo Union Cap for pipe OD 10 ID 13,8x24 Ht. 29 mm - YellowPrix/pce - Price/pce0.0717Details
BA15.8X28H32Banjo Union Cap for pipe OD 12 ID 15,8x28 Ht. 32 mm - YellowPrix/pce - Price/pce0.0733Details
BA19.8X32H36Banjo Union Cap for pipe OD 15 ID 19,8x32 Ht. 36 mm - YellowPrix/pce - Price/pce0.0867Details
BA24.8X41H44Banjo Union Cap for pipe OD 18 ID 24,8x41 Ht. 44 mm - YellowPrix/pce - Price/pce0.0900Details
BA7.8X14H17Banjo Union Cap for pipe OD 4/5 ID 7,8x14 Ht. 17 mm - YellowPrix/pce - Price/pce0.0650Details
BA9.8X17H21Banjo Union Cap for pipe OD 6 ID 9,8x17 Ht. 21 mm - YellowPrix/pce - Price/pce0.0667Details