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Oval tube insert black OV

Oval tube insert - Black | Frame OV plastic inserts are intended for inside protection and closing for metal & plastic oval tube.

Material: LDPE
Colour : Black - White - Grey - Other colour on request
Dimensions : mm
OV plastic inserts are intended for inside protection and closing for metal & plastic oval tube.
Dimension based on external dimension and thickness of the tube

ReferenceDetailsSold byPrice tax exclDetails
OV2010_2Oval inserts for tube OD 20x10 mm Wall 2 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.3241Details
OV2512_1.5_2Oval inserts for tube OD 25x12 mm Wall 2 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.3358Details
OV3015_1_2.5Oval inserts for tube OD 30x15 mm Wall 1-2,5 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.0863Details
OV3020_1_2Oval inserts for tube OD 30x20 mm Wall 1-2 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.3241Details
OV3515_0.8_2.5Oval inserts for tube OD 35x15 mm Wall 0,8-2,5 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.2503Details
OV3520_1_3Oval inserts for tube OD 35x20 mm Wall 1-3 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.2531Details
OV3820_1_3Oval inserts for tube OD 38x20 mm Wall 1-3 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.2793Details
OV4020_0.8_3Oval inserts for tube OD 40x20 mm Wall 0,8-3 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.2883Details
OV4020_1_2.5Oval inserts for tube OD 40x20 mm Wall 1-2,5 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.1540Details
OV4025_1_2.5Oval inserts for tube OD 40x25 mm Wall 1-2,5 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.1957Details
OV4517_1_2.5Oval inserts for tube OD 45x17 mm Wall 1-2,5 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.5238Details
OV4518_1.5_3Oval inserts for tube OD 45x18 mm Wall 1,5-3 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.3708Details
OV4520_1.5_3Oval inserts for tube OD 45x20 mm Wall 1,5-3 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.3690Details
OV4820_1_2.5Oval inserts for tube OD 48x20 mm Wall 1-2,5 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.3465Details
OV5015_1_2.5Oval inserts for tube OD 50x15 mm Wall 1-2,5 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.3356Details
OV5020_1_2.5Oval inserts for tube OD 50x20 mm Wall 1-2,5 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.1953Details
OV5020_1_3Oval inserts for tube OD 50x20 mm Wall 1-3 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.3356Details
OV5025_1_2.5Oval inserts for tube OD 50x25 mm Wall 1-2,5 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.3824Details
OV5030_1_2.5Oval inserts for tube OD 50x30 mm Wall 1-2,5 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.3988Details
OV6020_1_2Oval inserts for tube OD 60x20 mm Wall 1-2 - BlackPrix/pce - Price/pce0.4530Details